After gaining a broad grounding in general photography through the City & Guilds course, I soon began to channel my energy and passion into nature photography. Being born and bred in the beautiful and unspoilt county of Somerset, my love of the natural world has been a part of me since my childhood and my aim is to show this in my work.

I hope to  bring my own personal response to what I observe around me in the natural world. Pre-visualsation, planning, field craft, and a thorough knowledge of and affinity for my subjects are the foundation for my approach to wildlife photography. I have an emotional relationship with nature and my interpretations capture the subtle harmony that exists between the wildlife and their world in an evocative, sensitive and pictorial way. My aims are to capture through my images the ambience, the atmosphere and the aura of the occasion.

I have been fortunate to travel extensively in my desire to witness the beauty amidst its natural environment and to capture, through my photography, what I have been  privileged to see. Among my favourite places are Antarctica, the Arctic, Africa, Falkland Islands, Japan, Norway and the USA. However, it is still the United Kingdom that inspires and motivates me the most, in particular the islands of Scotland and most of all, my home ground around the Somerset Levels

I have  been commissioned to provide images for display purposes and for calendars by several companies and my work has been published in a number of nature magazines. I have also  won many awards in national and international exhibitions and have held four private exhibitions of my award winning images. My photographs are held in several private collections in the UK.

Having recently retired from running my own business, I am  keen to share my knowledge and passion for wildlife photography with others. This can be done through joining my photographic holidays and instructional courses, and /or by seeing my illustrated lectures. I believe that my relaxed and cheerful personality, and my sense of enjoyment for what I am now doing often  belies my  dedicated, determined and passionate approach. My enthusiasm for the natural world and photography, I hope,  is both infectious and inspiring.