OK so I called them “Holidays” – bit of an exaggeration maybe as my trips are not “normal” holidays whereby you return each evening in time for a shower before your evening meal. My trips are geared towards Nature Photography – we get up early and we get back late –  I do aim for a short period mid-day where possible but if the light is right and the subjects are available, then we stay out as long as needed – we eat when we get back or grab a bite on the way. The purpose of the trip is nature photography.

If you remain interested, please contact me and I will forward details.

What you can expect from a typical trip;

  • Fully researched location with full detailed knowledge
  • Discussion on the opening (and each subsequent) evening stating the following days activities
  • Tuition : –
  • The importance of planning your photography
  • Why a background is important to your image
  • Learning  fieldcraft skills
  • Hide Etiquette – How to use/Where to use – Behaviour within
  • Ideal Camera settings for nature photography
  • Workflow – Camera to the computer